Shade Structures Buying Guide

Important Information and Benefits of Shade Structures

Shade Structure Less Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is a concern for both adults and children when spending time outdoors. Wearing the right sunscreen with an SPF factor of 15 or above can protect skin from sunburn, but it shouldn’t be the only protection you use.

A shade structure offers greater protection against skin cancer, as it covers large spaces. The fabric of the canopy has been designed to block 97% of UV and UVB rays. In addition, these shades can be configured to fit in outdoor spaces that have irregular shapes.


Another unique benefit of shade structures is that they can drastically reduce the temperature underneath the fabric canopy. When outdoor temperatures reach triple digits, these shades provide a cool spot for people who are getting overheated, where they can rest and rehydrate without the strong sunlight.

Another benefit of shading outdoor objects is that metals, plastics and wood absorb sunlight, heating up the surface and making them unbearable to touch. Shade structures will keep objects cool so that people can lounge on chairs or children can play on playgrounds without burning sensitive skin.


Shelter from Cold and Wind. It’s not necessary to change the entire landscape to enjoy more time outdoors. A simple shade structure can be erected anywhere in your outdoor space to provide a sheltered area for families or employees to enjoy while sitting outdoors.

Precipitation Protection. Spend more time outside without being subjected to rain, sleet or snow. A shade structure can provide you with shelter from precipitation whether you want to offer cover for two people or 10. Today’s shade structures are attractive as well as functional, and can add practical and aesthetic value to your property

Keep the Dust at Bay. As wonderful as it is to live in a rural area where you can enjoy nature, you may also be more likely to deal with dust on a regular basis. This doesn’t have to prevent you from sitting outdoors because you don’t want to deal with dust. Protect your sitting area with the type of structure that would best suit your outdoor area.

A Protective Barrier from Noise. Enjoy versatile coverage and the added bonus of a noise buffer. Protect your vehicles, provide sheltered seating or an extension of your living space.


Owning and installing a shade structure is easier than you might think. We have a full selection of products to meet any application, with a range of price levels to help all budgets. These structures can be installed with the help of a general contractor, as no specialized installation is needed.

Shade fabric installation and removal is easy using our revolutionary EZ Glide mechanism, designed with you, the owner, in mind. With our EZ Glide, installation and removal of your fabric is completed with the use of a simple wrench or cordless drill with an appropriate sized socket. Not only does our EZ Glide make updating fabric easier, it allows you to easily remove fabric for severe weather. Scroll down to see our installation video below.


All of KirbyBuilt’s shade products include a 3-step powder-coat finish, which eliminates the worry of corrosion and fading even in the harshest of environments.

Shade fabrics block up to 97% of harmful UV rays and provide hail protection. They are 80% water-repellent, UVstabilized, high-density polyethylene fabric. Fabric breathes, allowing hot air to rise and escape, thus creating a cooler environment.

Shades are engineered to withstand high-speed winds: sustained winds of 76 mph, and wind gusts up to 3 seconds of 90 mph. Made in the U.S.A.

All of our fabric colors are fire-retardant and pass at least one of the following codes: CA 1237.1 Title 19 - CSFM, NFPA701 #2, ASTM E-84. Contact us for more information.

Sail Shades
Umbrella Shades

Sail Shades

With fabulous architectural designs, our sail shades stand out from the competition. They add sun protection and aesthetic value, creating durable weather protection even in irregularly shaped areas. Sail shades can be designed with gaps to allow sunlight to filter through, or create fuller coverage by closing the gaps. Choose Quad or Sand Dollar style to complement any property, including country clubs, resorts, city parks, playgrounds and early childhood centers, and restaurants.

Umbrella Shades

Our umbrella designs offer the most flexibility in our shade structure line. The designs are timeless, and the applications are limitless. Umbrella shades let you enjoy fresh air and sunshine without facing harmful UV damage, and they reduce temperatures within shaded areas for instant cooling. Put several Square or Hexagon Umbrellas in one setting for a beautiful and consistent look. Choose a Dual Column Umbrella for greater coverage. Ideal for aquatic play areas, parks and picnic areas, playgrounds and early childhood centers, restaurants, resorts/hotels, tennis courts and swings.

Cantilever Shades

Square, Rectangle & Hexagon Hip End Shades

Cover any type of area, small or large. Constructed with wind-resistant fabric in lots of bright colors. Choose the color and shape that fits your facility’s needs. Perfect for playgrounds and early childhood centers, picnic areas, park seating, schools and restaurants.

Cantilever Shades

Minimal posts with maximum shade! Choose from stylish designs that are perfect over picnic areas, parking lots, stadium bleachers and more. Vibrant, durable solutions protect your visitors from overheating and the damaging rays of the sun. Use these for bleachers, car parking, walkways, dugouts and bus stops.

Buying Guide is for the following styles of shade structures: Sail Shades, Hip End Shades, Umbrella Shades, and Hanging Cantilever Shades. Cantilever umbrellas, patio umbrellas, and canopies and more are not covered by this Buying Guide.